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The Workforce Heroes program educate students about trucking

July 06, 2021

The pandemic has affected industries across the board, with rapidly changing consumer habits, supply chain issues and labor shortages, and the trucking company is no exception. The trucking industry is struggling to attract new drivers to meet surging demands for transport of goods purchased via e-commerce.  Lots of stuff moves on trucks and there is pent-up demand for months now and 70% of the nation’s freight is carried by commercial trucks showing much importance to the trucking profession.  Bringing new people into the business and attracting new drivers means education and opportunities.

The American Trucking Associations Workforce Heroes educate students about trucking. In Arlington, Virginia, ATA concluded a week-long tour of high schools in Iowa, teaching safe driving skills and raising awareness about job opportunities available in the trucking industry. They presented different career paths in the trucking industry and with technology, they show what the industry has best to offer.  An educational tour provided safety demonstrations and a “Share the Road” instructional video for the students. ATA has a goal to educate current and future drivers on how to safely drive alongside trucks and to drive through the blind spots of commercial vehicles. Students were able to get into a truck’s driver seat to see what a professional driver can see and cannot see. 

As more and more professional truck drivers are retiring, they believe educating the younger generation in encouraging them to join the industry will help keep America moving forward. 

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