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why NgL

Success is our only way, our only goal for our clients

Being a Full logistics service provider, we understand what customers need and give them the most efficient solutions and result. Our core values strengthen a customized approach in every service we render.

We truly believe that commitment to delivering the following principles set us apart from all the rest other companies.

On time services

Customers can count on our full logistics services where they need to be, when they need to be via GPS enabled process and equipment.

Timely Responses

Our truck drivers are prompt. When determining creditworthiness, our account representatives are proactive and expedient in processing applications and making decisions. We do not waste customer’s time.

Quality monitoring

If a customer has a question or complaint, our professional customer service team members know and offer an exceptional customer experience not just an adequate one. Tell us how we can serve you better and we will take care of the rest.

Premium rates

NGL offers competitive premium rates in truckload and services that ensure quality of service and safety nets in emergencies.


The NGL team is honest and upfront regardless of the news they receive. Our customers trust us with our answers and work to resolve any issue, and move on in a timely fashion.


From load pickup to transit to drop off, our driver with integrity always does his or her best to ensure the safety of their cargo and the reputation of NGL.

24/7 Strong Security

AI based IT automation

2 Million Insurance coverage

NGL Connect

  •  NGL’s own logistics platform fully integrated with Transportation, Warehouse, Yard, Fleet and 3PL / e-Commerce operation
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IOT based real-time monitoring and visibility
  • GPS & ELD equipped asset management process
  • Customized for “Untact” operation with NGL mobile app

NGL Value Chain Process

NGL Value chain infographic

NGL E-commerce Process

NGL e-commerce process infographic

We're here to support you. If you need a quotation or want to track your shipment, please contact us.

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