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NGL provides a full range of leading edge warehousing and fulfillment capabilities designed for all industries to reduce logistics, minimize transportation and inventory costs while sharing resources.

NGL Transportation take pride in being a reliable and efficient service supplier in the supply chain of manufacturers and distributors, providing quality and quick services from when the supply chain starts in the factory where product is manufactured up until the end when the product arrives safely with the customer. In e-commerce, we begin our system of services from the manufacturer or distributor of a product, to the retailers who offer the product for sale online.
We support the e-commerce strategies of our partner manufacturers and distributors to offering products and services online and complement the integration of their online operations into an online presence with services serving as key components to the value chain. These activities are inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing, sales, and services which may vary per industry. In keeping up with the demand from e-commerce channels and to meet the expectation of customers, we invest in our warehouse and distribution centers, our logistics and management team, and continually develop advanced supply chain and processes. E-commerce markets grow rapidly, and we are ready to equally provide a fast, innovative, and organized service response.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Sales & Promotion
  • Positioning
  • Target market
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market strategy
  • Budget
  • Metrics

NGL E-commerce Process

NGL e-commerce process infographic

NGL Transportation LLC make the essentials happen in creating value in the supply chain. This includes:


  • Quick allocations in resources in a geographically diverse network of industries with intent, an adequate process, the right set of skills and mind set.
  • Owning the larger part of our core fleet and investing in premium equipment and manpower.
  • Digitizing our assets, strengths and core processes from our service portfolio and development team, our existing customer relationships, our company assets, and business-building approaches.
  • Consumers value time so we supply all necessary DC and fulfillment services required and expand our warehouse management system and IT solutions to meet the need for flexibility, for not only changing transportation needs, but also for order/inventory management and visibility.

NGL Transportation LLC helps its clients and their businesses grow, perform their brands, transport, or ship their product, and to prepare and move everything in between so they can sell more products.  This comes with the assurance that every customer service-related aspect is satisfied, from the acceptance of orders to the execution or the solution of problems.

The point of where our service begins is by consumer demand and our identification is by customer satisfaction.


We're here to support you. If you need a quotation or want to track your shipment, please contact us.

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