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Heavy, Oversize & Hazmat

NGL will handle everything from start to finish, including special permits, escorting, transloading logistics coordination to transport your freight.

We will determine the shortest route from the origin to the destination and give extreme attention to detail when it comes to overweight shipments, specialized shipments, and over- dimensional shipments as well as hazard materials. Our up-to- date fleet of trucks and floating equipment are available to make optimized routes seamless with experienced and professional drivers.


We will handle and transport any heavy haul to any destination arriving in a safe, secure and expedited timely way including coordinating freight between warehouses, plants, and ports. Our timely deliveries and crucial safety measures make NGL one of the top heavy and oversize haulers in the nation. Our services are 100% worry free and carried out with top of the class management.

• Equipment such as a crane, bulldozer, rock truck, tractor and excavator with a highly efficient team will recognize special considerations and work with them.
• Manage heavy haul details/needs with top handler for up to 80,000 lbs
• Protect shipment by using carriers with the necessary straps, tarps, binders and chains
• Prepare and execute paperwork for a smooth shipment
• Gather all necessary permits and plan the most optimized routes
• Planning process of the oversized shipment and coordinate shipment in a safe and precise order


NGL will minimize the hazards of transporting your chemical and hazardous materials by providing reliable and environmentally sound transportation. All hazardous shipments are handled with strict compliance and adherence to transportation regulations for liability, legal, financial, and public relations protection.

• The shipping process of non-regulated and regulated hazardous materials is documented from point to point
• NGL staff is experienced and well trained in managing hazardous materials transport
• NGL drivers have Hazmat endorsements in their commercial drivers licenses
• NGL customer care service will answer any questions on labeling, packaging and regulatory issues, Mondays thru Fridays, from 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time
• All precautionary steps are taken to ensure a safe shipping experience for all Hazard goods and government regulations are strictly followed


We're here to support you. If you need a quotation or want to track your shipment, please contact us.

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