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Warehousing & Transloading

NGL provides a full range of leading edge warehousing and fulfillment capabilities designed for all industries to reduce logistics, minimize transportation and inventory costs while sharing resources.

We have the team with proven track record of success for over 20 years with best-in- class practices and technologies handling every aspect of warehousing development and operations. We scale our service right into the solution by building WMS to assist our customers and offer value added services tailored into our clients’ specific needs.

We accurately track and record inventory and send them a copy of the record so they are able to check off-site other than on site visitations. Our warehousing facility provides short-and long-term storage for all materials received at our docks and is fully secure and monitored by cameras.

Our value adding operation reduces cycle times, overall inventories, lower costs, and most importantly, improve customer service. NGL increases the utility value of goods to have the right products available at the right place in the right time. All products are available when needed and other services with a powerhouse warehouse operations team make warehousing done in an organized and expeditious manner.

• Warehouse is a modern and integrated facility with more than 90,000 sf space and 15 docking stations
• Provides an economies of scale through efficient operations, storage capacity, and a central location
• In & Outbound shipment consolidation, stocking and reloading with pressure controlled equipment
• Cross-docking and heavy & oversize cargo handling capacity
• One stop operations & communications from drayage via trans-loading & warehousing to delivery
• Customized value-added services including labeling and rework for returned products
• Total flexibility in picking, packing and shipping enables NGL to optimally store products in cartons, pallet flow racks, dedicated pallet racks or in bulk.
• Safety stock & VMI management to maintain a predetermined number of inventory items

Analyze Product Line

We will study your unique requirements of our customers and designate storage spaces to match their needs.

Develop Storage Criteria

We offer bulk storage, racked storage, specific shelving options, product segregation, configuration for velocity management, pick lane design and any other criteria needed to ensure safe and secure product storage.

Product Care

• Bulk Storage
• Racked or Shelved Storage
• Product Segregation
• Inventory Consolidation
• Highly secure with 24/7 guard service
• Real-time video surveillance
• Secured caged area for high value items


From storing, packing, picking, labeling, NGL assures a synchronous logistics based on vendor inventory management. We cross dock and warehouse dedicated to specific sector requirements with distribution centers. NGL utilizes a Warehouse Management System which can bog down operations with unnecessary requirements—or too simple, requiring additional manual processes to overcome deficiencies.

With our vendor compliance programs, we use Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) to notify receivers in advance, letting them know that we are shipping a specific purchase order, and giving an expected arrival time. And after sales and reverse, we take care of transport collection, consolidation and return, and other client related services such as customer management.

We leverage our warehouse space with equipment and qualified labor resources to care for your product with consistent Warehouse Management System.


• Sortation upon Receiving
• Inbound Quality Inspection
• Active Put-Away to locations
• Full Barcode Integration to WMS

Order Processing & Fulfillment

• Pick order to client specifications
• Pack to specifications and for safe travel
• Shipping documents and labels


We're here to support you. If you need a quotation or want to track your shipment, please contact us.

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