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The Port of Los Angeles is overwhelmed with imports

The Port of Los Angeles is overwhelmed with imports
April 23, 2021

As consumers continue to buy goods at a quick pace, more people get vaccinated, and businesses
reopen contributing to the strong increase in shipping volumes. Terminal operators, truckers, longshore
labor force and supply chain partners are working round the clock to process additional cargo and with
steady progress on worker’s vaccinations at the port, there has been a significant reduction on the
number of vessels waiting offshore.

The strong number of vessels arriving at the port helped Los Angeles achieve record volumes and
contributed to the busiest quarter in the port’s history. March 2021 marked the strongest March in the
Port of Los Angeles’ 114- year history. The Port processed 957,000 container units last month and the
sudden increase is expected to continue. With retail growth from 2020 to 2021, port’s import traffic will
remain strong until the summer and to keep up with demand, vessels will be forced to anchor before
unloading through the end of May according to LA Port’s director, Gene Seroka.

Containers are now spending 3.8 days at the terminal before being shipped out, compared with an
average of five days in February. The Port of L.A. has remained with all terminals operational throughout
the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuing pandemic-related online retail spending spree is expected to
push into summer.

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