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The Port of LA’s Incentive Programs

January 22, 2021

Relieving pressure on the supply chain due to the ongoing surge has now become a serious problem creating a trade imbalance therefore with the approval of the Los Angeles Harbor commission, the Port of LA’s Incentive Programs is offering terminal operators’ way to receive financial rewards. One is to shorten the time it takes to process trucks dropping off and/or picking up cargo.

The second way is that for other trucks to handle both transactions in the same trip. This new incentive program begins February 1st and the rate of reward percentage increases based on the in and out turn times. These best practices are key to boost cargo efficiency and fluidity thus rewarding terminals for better performance.

How about the many containers that are still adrift and waiting to get to the terminal? The longshore and dock workers are essential service workers who need their vaccinations to keep the ports working at full capacity. There are sick workers and there is fear of Covid-19. There are not enough skilled workers to handle cargo. We must be advocates in crusading for dockworker vaccinations to prevent further delays in the flow of goods and to reduce high costs of getting these retail goods to the consumer.



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