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The 16th Online Job Fair for Foreign-Invested Companies 2021

The 16th Online Job Fair for Foreign-Invested Companies 2021
October 27, 2021

South Korea’s largest job fair for foreign companies began on Thursday 21st at SECTEC in Seoul. With more than 100 firms, including NGL Transportation, are ready to recruit young job seekers and have made various efforts to improve the employment-related experiences of young people. The two-day annual career expo with the largest number of participating companies this year is organized by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, KOTRA.

Last year, the Job Fair was only held online. However, this year it will be held in a hybrid format, available both online and offline. This will allow the participants to communicate with the companies through face-to-face counseling without being restricted by locations.

As the foreign-invested job fair includes more than 100 companies, which are BMW, IKEA, Korea’s 3M, and NGL Transportation, etc. 37 firms are in manufacturing/production/R&D, 25 firms are in media and service, 14 firms are in finance and banking, and others from 7 industries will hire in various fields such as management/office, sales/customer service, and R&D/design. Shwan Jang, Head of KOTRA Invest Korea, said, “As it will be held offline this year, we expect it will serve as a good opportunity for job-seekers and foreign-invested companies to communicate. We will keep on making efforts to generate quality jobs to make the most use of foreign investment attractive.”


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