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Record-breaking Robot Orders by Companies in the Face of Labor Shortage

Record-breaking Robot Orders by Companies in the Face of Labor Shortage
November 18, 2021

Robotic orders have increased to ensure the labor shortage by North American transportation companies are on track for their biggest shipment year, according to an industry group. Total robotic sales for the nine months of this year have expanded constantly to advance automation. Industrial robots are usually used for assembling parts or transporting heavy materials in production settings, according to the association.

“With labor shortages throughout logistics, manufacturing, and virtually every industry, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to robotics and automation to stay productive and competitive,” A3 President Jeff Burnstein said. Companies ordered nearly 29,000 robotics units in the first nine months of the year, A3 said.

Many U.S. companies have been hard-pressed to find workers during a national wide labor shortage, and some warehouses have turned to robots to improve the operation works. FedEx Corp., for instance, is using robots to help sort packages. Thus, researchers and companies are working on advancing artificial intelligence systems, in order to enable robots to work not only to increase the productivity of the workforce but also to be prepared for the upcoming country’s biggest shopping sale day event.


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