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New ‘Control Tower’ data tool of Port of Los Angeles

March 04, 2021

The “Control Tower” data tool is POLA’s (Port of Los Angeles) latest offering focusing on the digitization of its supply chain operations which will help cargo, owners and truckers, and other supply chain stakeholders to plan and predict cargo flows more effectively. The data tool provides real-time views of truck turn times and other truck capacity management information following the lead of the Port of Los Angeles’ Optimizer in 2017, a cloud–based secure digital portal of maritime shipping data used to facilitate efficient cargo flow through its terminals.

Launch of Control Tower has its phase one giving users up-to–date snapshots of turn times at all the Port’s cargo terminals, updated continuously with Geo Stamp data, and broken down by historical daily and monthly averages. The Control Tower also provides recent and future trending volume data, as well as historical volumes and trends dating back to 2017, segmented by mode and specificity.

The control Tower is being rolled out in phases, with more features throughout 2021 based on user feedback and supply chain developments. It was developed in partnership with Wabtec, whose Vice President, Scott Holland stated, “The Port Optimizer Control Tower is an important step in the journey to connect railroads, chassis providers, truckers, warehouse operators and others across the supply chain, and ensure cargo seamlessly flows in and out of ports. This system’s real-time and historical analytics will help the Port of Los Angeles community optimize their operations, relieve congestion stemming from increased global shipping traffic, and get products to people faster.”

The Control Tower has the aerial views of the activities at the port level and has a view of volume that moves through the port mode and node where real time decisions are made of port-based traffic information. The control tower offerings, including Port Optimizer represent the only digital port community system in the U.S. Its data is a captious measurement in moving goods across the supply chain and to the hands of the consumers.

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