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2021 College Student FTA Utilization Academic Conference and Awards Ceremony

Kotra 주관 FTA 행사
December 10, 2021

KOTRA has held the “2021 College Student FTA Utilization Academic Conference” on November 20th to celebrate the award ceremony and promote the global job fair. This year was the 4th symposium. Thus, the related professional professors and the recruited academic thesis among college students have participated in the FTA university course supportive project.

Kotra 주관 FTA 행사_4
Logan Choi from NGL Korea is presenting at the Conference.

In addition to the thesis competitions and awards ceremonies, a job briefing session was also held inviting personnel officials from global foreign investment companies, including Nike international Company of sports fashion industry and the industry of logistic distribution company, NGL Korea.

NGL Korea has received a lot of attention from college students by explaining the status of the U.S. logistics market structure, introducing NGL Transportation Company, sharing the company’s visions and missions. It was a real opportunity to advance the awareness of NGL Transportation as one of the growing companies in logistics to Korea.

By and large, marking its 4 th anniversary this year, KOTRA, the academic conference, recruited papers focusing on linking universities and industries with FTA utilization by selecting topics for policy suggestions to help exporters investigate global markets and expand FTAs.

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